Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whats in my bag! Traveling!

I've been saying this for quite a while that I am going to the Philippines for the rest of my summer vacation. I will be leaving on Friday, so this means this will be my last post for 4 weeks. But when I get back I will have lots of pictures to post! *YAY* But before that I thought it would be really nice to show what I will have in my purse during the flight.

First off I will be using my large sized Longchamp bag. Its big and easy to carry.

1: Head Phones! I don't really like the headphones that the airplanes provide so I tend to bring my own. I'm bringing two just in case my mom or sisters need an extra. :)
2: Ipod charger! Charge your ipod while waiting for your plane, so you wont be bored.
3: Ipod, you need music in your life!!!
4: My phone of course!
5: BOOKS! I will be reading 1 of these 2 books while at the airport waiting for the plane. I know I wont be reading them in the plane because I will be watching movies.
6: Face Wipes! Everyone needs this in their bags when flying especially if you're on a 24 hour flight *like me* You don't wanna get off the plane looking like an oily zombie so wipe the dirt off your face baby! 
7: Tissue. To blow that nose!
8: Wallet, you need cash. Just in case you like that One direction magazine in the stands :)
9: Mirror, wanna see how you look before you step off that plane.
10: My eyeglasses. It wont necessarily be on my bag because I will be wearing them. 
11: Sunglasses! You don't wanna show off your raccoon eyes to everyone after a sleepless flight, so cover up!
12: Hand lotion. 
13: Lip Balm!! chappy lips is a BIG no no! 

All the other things I will need for the flight is actually on a separate bag that I will share with my mom and sisters. In those bags I will have:
1: Toothbrush/toothpaste. Gotta be minty fresh/
2: Wipes! Clean yourself!


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  4. you travel really light, i could learn a few things from you because i am always carrying waaay too much stuff when i am travelling! great inspiration! love the first pic!

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  6. Love your bag and sunglasses!

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  7. how you got all in there :S i need a tote

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