Friday, March 28, 2014

Countdown to prom!

Hello everyone! Its that time of the year again, PROM SEASON! Except this time, it will be MY Prom! Aaghh time flies! 

I started thinking about prom since I set foot in Middle School, I know that's really early but its the truth! I thought about the dress I'll be wearing, the make up, the hair, the limo, and of course THE DATE! I always wanted to be asked in the cutest and sweetest way, the boy I liked will come in to my class and break out in song and dance with the song he wrote last week. Or, in the middle of the hallway a marching band comes in and he's the lead holding the sign "PROM?" Sadly, I have not been asked to prom! And probably never will. :(
But lets not ponder on the fact that I will be lonely and dateless on Prom, instead I'll help you guys prepare for Prom.

The number 1 most important thing that night, will be your dress! YES! Much more important than your date! Get inspiration from magazines (Seventeen, Teen Vogue, etc.) and even celebrities. Look for similar looking dresses that's on budget. You want your dress to look amazing but you don't need plenty of money to have that amazing dress. Set your budget, since you will be spending money on lots of things.

The perfect ride. A limo is a total must for Prom, invite your group of friends to rent a limo for the night. All of you can pitch in for the money. Remember the more people that comes the less it will cost, and the more the merrier! 

The hair and make up. I will be doing my own make up and hair because I am capable. So I say if you can do your own make up and hair, go ahead. Its free! If not ask someone from your family or friends who can do it for you, if not then to the Beauty Salon you go.

Prom is the most anticipated time in high school. Disney's Prom said it best, "Graduation is for the parents.. Prom is really just for us."

Lastly, don't be sad the you won't have a date for Prom. You'll be with friends, take pictures, dance, and have fun! Don't sit in the corner and cry about not having a date! Cause I won't, maybe..

I hope you guys liked it :) xx


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  3. Great post! I'm so excited for my prom, and it's months away! x

  4. My prom was many years ago and it was one of the worst events in my life. I hope that your prom will be great!

  5. i wish i could go back in time to my prom! lol i feel old now! :P

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