Saturday, April 5, 2014

How I got interested in fashion.

 Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you guys how exactly I got interested in fashion, because I had no sense of style what so ever back then. It all started with this show called, "The Hills" it was a spin off from Laguna Beach following one of its main star, Lauren Conrad. And that was the start of it all!

I remembered watching The Hills and seeing Lauren Conrad wearing her big sunglasses, and I remembered thinking, "I want one!!" and so I did! It became a routine that every episode I watched, I had to have an outfit that I will try to copy. The very first outfit that I copied from Lauren was the outfit she wore when she went to lunch with Jason, a cuffed jeans, flip flops, and a white cardigan. 

It wasn't just the outfits that I became absolutely obsessed with. It was the nail and the hair. Whitney and Lauren had the best nail colors imaginable, Lauren sticking to her dark and classy nail colors, while Whitney went for the more bold and bright colors. Red and Orange were my staples back then *thanks LC and Whit* it actually still is. Whitney always had her hair loosely curled and pinned to the side and Lauren always had a headband on, they were totally my stylists back in 6th grade.

What about that closet!? The Teen Vogue closet! The place where Whitney and Lauren worked in, but it was also the place where they shared new gossip drama about Spidey. 
I was so jealous of them for being able to work in a closet. I too wanted to be surrounded by shoes, purses, and clothes everyday. At that time working in that closet was my dream job, it still is. 

I hope you guys liked this post, cause I enjoyed it sooo much! 
:) xx


  1. Nice post darling! I wish you a nice fashion-job!
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  2. Cute post! I LOVED and still do love the hills and I love Lauren's blog!!

  3. haha, I remember watching the Hills! I lived for the scenes in the Teen Vogue office, too x

  4. Nice post! Interesting to find you how you got interested in fashion. I've never actually watched the hills, but this was lovely to read. Happy I found your blog :)

    x leah symonne x

  5. Very nice Inspirations

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  6. I have always wanted to watch 'The Hills'!! :))

    1. Its perfect!! But it got kinda crappy when Lauren left :(

  7. Ahh such a cool post! I really need to get on 'The Hills' bandwagon. After I finish Gossip Girl, of course, haha.

    xo, Isabelle

  8. Great post!
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  9. Oh my! I was one of The Hills biggest fans. I love Lauren and all the drama. It was such a great show. Wish there was a come back. :)) The fashion and behind the scenes was great to watch, totally right.