Sunday, June 9, 2013

Haul: Kohls, Forever 21, Old Navy......

Again its time for another Haul post. It might seem like i've been doing so many of these, and its because I'm just stacking up on all the things I will be bringing with me to my vacation in July!! Yay! Where to you may ask? I will be heading to the Philippines! Its been 2 years since I was last there so it will be great! But the down side is that I have to get everything done before I leave: my AP Homeworks and community service hours *boooo. 

Onto the clothes, this first set of clothes are from Kohls. They are all from different brands.
Starting with LC by Lauren Conrad. I have been dying to buy something from her collection, but I could never find the one I was really really in love with. Finally I found one! This is a high low maxi skirt. When I first saw it I immediately thought of so many outfits that can go with it. OH! And its floral. haha. :)

These next items from Kohls are the brand Tensil Town. They are both shorts.
The first shorts is a lime green lace shorts. I don't really know how I will wear this and what I will pair with it but its cute and that's about it.

 This next shorts is just a denim shorts with lace detailing in the bottom.

 To the last set of Kohls items are from Mudd, the first is this coral color shorts, its denim but the front is laced up! How cute! 

 Next 3 items from Mudd are these 2 cute T shirts, a teal and coral orange! cute with shorts :) 

Last from Kohls is this Mudd wedges! I have been looking for a really cute wedge that can match all my outfits so I wont have to bring several wedges because I only plan on bringing 4 shoes *maybe;)

Forever 21! Can I really go shopping without at least 1 item from Forever!? I am very much excited for this because its a high waisted shorts!! I love the grungieness of it. I think I will be wearing this a lot in the Philippines since its super hot there.

Now from Rugged Wear house, I bought this hang crop top. I bought this just for the 2 items on top (LC skirt and Forever 21 High waist)

This next shirt I got in Rugged is from Delias. I really like it because of the Bohemian Smiley! So cute:) 
It seems that i've been buying a ton of T shirts lately.. hmm 

Old Navy, I bought a bikini from there too but I decided not to include that here because I find it a bit sensual.... Yup! So this is just a yellow swimming attire, something to put on top of your bikini when I'm not in the water.


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