Thursday, May 16, 2013


Thrift Store items: Skirt, dress, and purse
 I have been loving floral prints lately, its just seems so fun and girly to have.
 I really like this dress because its so simple, you can just wear it with flats and a cute satchel and you're good to go. Its a sheer dress so you have to wear a tight black under dress. But you can also use it when you go swimming, on top of your swimsuit! 
 Love this Liz Claiborne purse because its so vintage! It just has this classic look and so pretty :)

Rugged Wear House: T-Shirts
If you guys didn't know rugged wear house, its this store wear you can find "named" items (Forever 21, Express, Delias, H&M) for lower price! 

The two items i got from there was 2 Delias T-shirt. I just needed new T's because its almost summer and they are soo cute with high waisted shorts with vans or combats!
Ross: Dress
I love this dress! The color and the style is so cute! So cute with nude wedges!

Payless: Flats
I was in need for a new nude flats because my Charles David flats are just so worn out! But I just could not find the perfect ones. I wanted something comfortable and light and the feeling like you have no shoes on. Finally, I found one in payless! :)
It seems all the items in this Haul are all low price. Love bargains!!! 


  1. Great post dear! Love all the floral times, perfect time for them :)
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  2. amazing items

  3. I love the dress! You are right about floral prints, it makes things more girly! :D


  4. Lovely dress!

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  5. Love the dress! Great photos!

  6. Nice post! I love the dress.

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  8. I love the post:) Have a wondersul weekend!

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  9. Love the floral skirt and the bow print tee, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. this is a great haul. I like the bow tee. so cute.


  11. omg! such an amazing tuquoise dress!!
    definitely i stay here, love this
    Sergio, xx

  12. love the pics :) x Zane

  13. ooooh i just love this haul! and that brown leather bag <3