Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Style

My style before was strictly preppy! But during the course of time that has changed. In the following pictures I will show you what my style consists of :)
Street Style
I really love the look street style gives off, like I said in my last post, Street style puts the clothes that you wouldn't normally together but somehow it looks amazing. I love the way it just break all the rules (prints on prints. Denim on denim. Sheer and leather)  It makes you think out of the box and look creative. I feel as if no one can ever go wrong with street style. 

Every girl always has those days where pink and purple are the key colors to their outfit! Girly outfits make me feel very pretty and blooming. I like the feeling of being a princess, looking and seeming so fragile. 

My all time favorite look! Cardigans, Collared tops, Blazers, and Oxford shoes make up my closet!! I love preppy style! I just adore the professionalism it gives off and you always look so put together. I get most of my Preppy look outfits from Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars *thats her in the 3 pictures* I always look forward to the outfits she wears on PLL, I usually die over her shoes and tops! 

None of these photos are mine. They are all courtesy of Tumblr and Google :) 


  1. Such a cute gorgeous look!!! I love them too! great inspiration!

  2. every style in here are very nice but my favorites are of course street style and the girly!

    by the way, have a great day mitzee!

  3. I like girly style :)
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  5. Lovely looks!


  6. I absolutely understand what you mean about street style!:D I like the outfits that you posted here!:D

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  7. Street style, definately

  8. oooooo Spencer Hastings from PLL :) I love her !

  9. great pics!LoLove spencer style!kisses!

  10. love your blog :)

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