Thursday, September 5, 2013


Its time to take out those comfy knitted sweaters and circle scarves. Its almost AUTUMN/FALL!! I think the sweaters and scarves are a huge reason why I love the Fall and Winter season. Many people may not want it to be Fall just yet because they can't let go off the sun but I actually can not wait! During the Fall I like to keep my colors in the neutral side. So I think you'll see lots of comfy sweaters this season in my blog! :)


  1. love sweater...really comfy ^^
    happy day

  2. I love these! I can't wait for Autumn- we've had an unexpected warm spell in England but I can't wait to wear all my sweaters and scarves! x

  3. love thissssssssss!!!! to be honest i can t wait to wear it!! congrats for your post.
    will be my pleasure if you come to visit my blog...kissessssssssss

  4. Loved this inspiration post! Cozy knit sweaters, long tunics, and infinity scarves are some of my favorite fall items :)