Saturday, January 4, 2014

Style Inspirations

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you guys who I get a lot of my outfit ideas from. These girls are my ultimate idol when it comes to fashion!

Alexa Chung
 I love how she mixes preppiness and grunge. Knowing me I love the two! Also, I get a lot of my sweater ideas from her. When I see her wearing a knit sweater, they usually have the nicest and cutest prints! Every time I see pictures of her out and about, it looks like she doesn't even try and yet she looks great! 

Cara Delevingne 
She's soo cookie! I love it! I feel like her personality reflects her style. She can go glamorous when she wants and she can also be grunge! Her street style is just always on point. Her layerings are what always gets me to come back for more of her. 

Eleanor Calder
I LOVE HER! If you're a directioner, I'm 99% sure you know her.. If not then, I'll tell ya who she is. She is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. I follow soooo much blogs on Tumblr dedicated to this girl. Her style has definitely evolved. She used to stick to Collared tops *ding ding, I used too as well*  but now she's stepping out the box. I feel like I also evolved with her style because I too am trying out new fashion pieces, though I still like collared tops.... Just not my obsession...

Miranda Kerr
She is 1/4 of my girl crush! I absolutely adore her! She is my go to polished street style look. She always looks so put together, even if its just walking around New York City. She and Cara Delevingne got me interested in booties, they always wear them and they just look so cute! I don't think I've ever seen her in anything I absolutely hated. I feel like she can do no wrong! 

I hope you guys liked this post! :) xx


  1. Oh wow, these girls definitely have a great sense of style! i wish I was a bit more like them! :)

  2. I love this photos... Cara is a beautiful girl!!! I love her! Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?
    My best look of 2013

  3. These gals are all gorgeous and have amazing style!! Miranda Kerr is one of my top style icons! She always looks flawless.


  4. they are great style inspirations! my fave are cara and miranda absolutely adore their style! xx

  5. I think we have the exact same taste, I love each one's style! Especially Cara and Alexa x

  6. i'm following you on gfc and bloglovin now it's your turn :)

    i love them all!

  7. I love Cara Delevingne, she is fabulous!
    I'm following you now :)