Saturday, May 24, 2014


Cardigan: Wet Seal
Shirt:  Aeropostale
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandals: Primadona *Filipino brand*

Hello everyone! Today's post is just a quick update of my OOTD. *note to self, BUY A FULL BODY MIRROR FOR YOUR ROOM!!* I have been loving my new Cardigan from Wet Seal and I just always find a way to wear it because I love it sooo much! Its a very light weight Tiffany Blue cardie. The weather has been hot, but it isn't too heavy that it will make you hot and sweaty. 
I hope you guys like it :) xx


  1. nice ootd!
    wanna follow each other via GFC and instagram? just let me know and i'll follow you back gladly:)

    happy sunday,

  2. Love that cardigan! Though I'm not familiar with Wet Seal. Is it an online shop? Followed you via GFC dear. Hope you can follow back. ♥

    1. No, its an actual store here in the US. But I'm sure you they have it online as well :) xx

    2. I see. Have to check on that. Thank you. :) I am already following you dear, however I can't see you on my list. Where did you follow me? Hope to hear from you! :)

  3. Another inspiring post from you dear! love it! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  4. Hi dear, great post!
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