Monday, October 10, 2016

Looking back

I still remember starting this blog and was sooo afraid embarrassed about the fact that I have a blog and I would be so shy to tell people that I have a blog, also it was because in the beginning I wrote strictly about fashion and I was afraid that the people around me would make fun of me or judge me// or they might think I have no sense of style at all and had no right to talk about fashion...

And I remember when my friend found my blog and I immediately died inside and all I kept saying in my head was.....

and then he told my other friend and they looked over my stuff and started reading it allowed, and I'm like...

... and they said, "this is cool, do what you gotta do.."

Anyways, you're probably wondering why I'm writing about this, well its because I was looking over my blog the other and just really scheming through my old posts, I saw myself grow; the way I look, my content, and mostly my journey with how I look at myself. I have become so open in this blog and to you lovely people who read my blog. This blog has literally been a little glimpse into my life *i.e, why my blog is called "my life in words"* I write about my favorite lipsticks, my accomplishments, and the sh*tty things that annoyingly barge into my life.
Its like my own personal diary, except there isn't a lock so that no one sees... Instead its uploaded on the internet for EVERYONE to see! Strange

Then one day I thought to myself, "am I being too open to the people of the internet? Do they really want to know what happened at 2:30am when I couldn't open a can of sardines?" then this little voice inside of my head says, "....yes...." Yes it matters because there are other people out there who is going through the exact same thing as me. I don't know about you guys but when I come across a slump, I immediately turn to the internet and hope that there's a blog or website who talks about my situation... and that's what I want to be for other people. I have posted many things in my blog about the personal issues that I have dealt with and am currently dealing with, and in those posts I've had people voice out opinions about their own personal issue and how they came out of it// pretty sweet and nice. 
And thats my husband saying thank you and giving his killer smile... Thanks James! Love you
This blog has made me realize that people are people and we are all the same, we go through the same things. Sometimes its very easy to think that you're alone in this world and life will be forever ugly. But this blog shows how that is just not true. 


  1. I'm so glad that you're feeling more positive about your blog, it's super cute and you write so well so you should definitely be proud of it <3

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot! :) xx

  2. So happy to hear that you are finally fine with having a blog. I was also terrified at first, that's why it took me about one year to start it, but oh well, better late than sorry. Have a lovely week. <3