Friday, March 15, 2013

March issues :)

I love seventeen and Teen Vogue because they give me good inspirations on the clothes to wear. And keep you updated with the latest trends. Now, here are the trends that i have been loving and are looking into trying. :)
 2/4 of the Liars on the cover of Seventeen and Teen Vogue! :) sweeet 

 Before, the only prints I only liked was animal prints. But, now I am loving the tribal and floral print on shoes! I just recently bought a tribal print wedge shoes from Charlotte Russe, and I am totally in love with. I cant wait to wear them this summer :) 
 I never really liked designed jeans/pants, I always liked my plane jeans (the classics) but I have been such cute designs lately (polka dots, hearts, stripes) they seem to add so much to the outfit and makes a simple outfit POP! 
 Sheer tops has always been a staple in my closet! You can never go wrong with them. You can dress them down by pairing them with shorts, or dress them up with skirts and jeans. I personally love wearing my sheer tops with my skinnies and oxfords. Then i put my hair up on a ballerina bun to show off the my collar (if there's a collar)

 I was really in to buying knitted sweaters this winter, they were soo comfy and cuddly! Wear them with tights and you're ready to go! But now that its getting warmer but still pretty chilly, I tend to wear them with shorts with my chucks or keds :)
 OHHH PASTELS! I have just been getting in to this trend for about a month now. haha. I never really liked wearing colors, and I sticked to my neutrals. (brown, black, gray, whites) But the mint colors are just too hard to resist! 


  1. Great post and pictures :) I never read Teen Vogue yet!


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  4. I subscribed to Teen Vogue for years and it's great!


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