Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Polo: Jc Penney, Button Down: thrift store, Pants: Jc Penney, Shoes: Target, Watch: Target

Today I decided to share what i wore to school, not very exciting because I basically wear the same things over and over again. But just because you wear uniforms doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun with outfits! I love wearing really cute sweaters or button downs with my uniforms. Like today, I wore my oversized navy blue button down. What I really like is that my school doesn't have a say in our shoes, so we could wear what ever kind of shoes we like. For me shoes are a major rule in my outfits because they can either make or break the outfit. For the shoes today, nothing too fancy because i just wore these white shoes from target. I never liked wearing uniforms before because i always thought "you can't show off your style!" but it actually makes you much more creative because everyday you think of new ways you can convert a dull uniform to something cute and fabulous :) 


  1. Cute outfit and i like your handy cover ;)
    Lets follow each other, hun :)
    I'm following you now.
    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*

  2. Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment :)

  3. Looking fab doll! you are-sense of style is a way of life.. and even uniform can't ruin it!


  4. Thank you for visit my blog :) I follow you with GFC :) thanks for your offer :)
    xo Nina


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  6. Cute and LOVE the little white sneakers!!