Monday, October 21, 2013

Haul: Forever 21, Nordstrom, Gap, & Macy's

Hello! I have not done a Haul post in a really long time, so here it is! Almost all of the things I bought this time were all on my fall wish list! Which I am very happy about! So lets start this off! You will also see that all of these things I bought can ALL be paired together! :)

Forever 21
I don't think I can ever go to the mall without going to Forever 21! So the first pair I have is this banded pants! I have been dying to buy one for so long, but I could never find the one I really like. They have a lot of different designs, and this was the only design I liked so I opted for this one! 
I can't wait to wear this with my new black booties. And then for the summer I could pair it with cute sandals.

Second thing I bought at F21 is this Lavender color top. Its cotton in the middle front and sheer on the sides, and the same goes for the back. I wasn't suppose to buy this but when I was in line to pay, I saw the color and it looked soo pretty and it was a really good price!!! $11

This is another pair of off my Fall wish list. A really cute knit sweater with a nice design! It seems warm, it would be perfect on one of those lazy days for school. 

This Romper was actually on sale, well its a summer outfit and when seasons change that's when things go on sale! I will of course wear this for the summer, BUT!!!!! I can also wear this now for fall! Just throw on  tights and my new booties and I'm good to go! *I'm talking highly about those booties*

Just cause it's getting chilly does not mean you can't buy dresses! I actually looked for the dresses thats appropriate for all seasons! So I can wear them all year round. 

This dress I have been dying to get my hands on! There are 3 different designs to this dress *flowers, polka dots, and stars* I was planning on getting the floral one,but then I thought of all the floral things I have in my closet, and I didn't have stars so I decided to go for this one! I also wanted this dress to be more loose and kinda hanging and so I got it a size bigger, Medium would be great on me but I went for Large. I actually can not wait till I wear this! Tights, booties, and safari jacket! Ahh cant't wait!

The first time I saw this dress was over the summer and it was in the color Gold and Black, I decided not to get it. And I later regretted that choice because I really really liked it! So months later, I saw it again but this time its Blue and Black *Which i much prefer* Its fate!

I love my new rings! They are soo cute! My favorite is the 3 rd ring. I have been loving Gold lately and I wanna buy more things with gold on them :)

Who doesn't love a good bow necklace! So cute and girly!.

This bracelet is soo cute and simple I had to have! And it was only $1. It looks kinda fragile so I'm scared to wear them.

I think the must have for fall is a pair really nice tights *i prefer black* They were 2 for $20 and I just had to buy! I know cant really tell but the tights in front with the sticker is a plain balck, and the one in the back has designs on them. 

Now! To the most awaited!! I've been talking about it soo much! I've been DYING to get my hands on a nice pair of booties! I just really love how they add so much to the outfit. They instantly make it look done up. Harry Styles actually has a huge influence to why I wanted them, because he's always just wearing jeans and a shirt but when he puts on the boots, it instantly look like he thought of his outfit! Also, I love street style and booties are a key essential to pull of the street style look!

AHHHHHHH!!!! I love ONE DIRECTION! And to be able to lay my hands on these bad boys are amazing! Funny story *maybe not* When samples of the perfume started to come out on magazines, I would rip them out and save them *I have 4 of them* and put them by my bed side, because I thought I would never ever actually smell it and let alone own one! But hey! Now I do! And that's all thanks to my mommy! Thanks Mom. It was her birthday present for me! 

I hope you guys liked all these things I bought! Maybe even gave you some ideas of things that you may need or also want! :)


  1. I love this blue dress and the shoes! <3

  2. cute
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    A chic kiss ;)

  3. Fantastic purchases! I love all of the printed items and adorable jewelry!


  4. love your forever 21 purchase !

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  5. I really need to head down to forever 21, I haven't been down yet, looks like you got yourself some great purchases from there!

    Jess xo

  6. I like your style. the items you bought are looking great.

    Jon ;-)

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  8. very nice haul! well done!
    this is so me! I love it!
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  9. It's a great pics
    I love the first one pants

  10. great haul. I love it all. Will you like to follow each other on GFC, FB or Twitter? Love
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  11. amazing boots! i WANT One Direction's profum :D