Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Haul: Forever 21 and Thrift Store

 Hello everyone! Its time for another haul post! Everytime I remember "hey! Its time for another haul post!" that means I have a reason to shop! Yay!!! So I hope you guys like this post!

 Forever 21

I have been loving these types of pants. I think they're called, waist band pants? I'm not so sure. This is my 2nd pair, I really cant wait to wear them in spring and summer time because I think they would look good with crop top.

You're probably thinking "why do you have a floral top when its winter!!" well when I saw this online I knew I had to have it! I'm not going to wear it know, I will wait for summer. But, I already have an outfit in mind. :)

When I saw this top it reminded me a lot of Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. The way the neck line is made and the sleeves, I don't know. I've been obsessing over her since thanksgiving break *I watched documents about the Kennedys the whole break* its Christmas break and I still haven't gotten over it. Well anyways, that's why I bought this top!

I'm not much on statement shirts but I just found this shirt to be so cute, I think its the sheer part on top!

I loooove this! The sleeves are cotton and the middle part where the design is, is sheer. Its so pretty. I love sweaters and my mom and sister has actually said "why are you buying soo much sweaters? It won't be winter all year" and its true, but it will be winter next year!

Another sweater. This one is again out of my comfort zone! 1 because of the statement print and 2 because of the color. Its bright pink. Soo not me, I like colors but very light colors. They had this in black and I was thinking I had too many Blacks and not enough bright Pink.

Thrift Store

When I showed this to my sisters they said, "That look like the sweater grandmas would wear at the retirement homes while knitting" and I thought to myself, "Welllll. Isn't that the whole point of Grandma Sweaters?" But anyways, I really like it. The flowers are the reason why I got it.

This cardigan is very heavy but its cool. I like the design, the stripes all go in different directions. The colors that they used is really nice also.

I can't wait to wear this! The only reason why I bought this is because of the buttons, I have seen them on lots of coats and jackets, but I never can find the one I like, so when I saw a cardigan with buttons like it I got it.

I hope you guys liked this Haul post! :) xx


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  2. hey I have those pants! Great minds think alike ;)