Saturday, December 21, 2013

shirt and sweater

Sweater: Thrifted, Shirt: Thrifted, Tights: American Eagle, Bag: Fossil, Shoes:  Forever 21

Hello everyone, I know its been a while since I last uploaded and thats because my internet was out the whole wee, but, thankfully it came back last night! I was inspired by one of the teachers in my school with this look, she just looked so preppy and I loved it. I wanted to recreate it and add my own twist. Since all the colors are very dull, I wanted the tights to have designs to have that be the "popping" piece! I hope you guys like it :) 


  1. great post! nice outfit. its looking really cute

    Greets Jon,

  2. such a lovely outfit! you look sooo cute :)

  3. Great sweater & shoes =)