Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite jeans

A good pair of jeans is always a must in everyone's closet, everybody has that 1 pair of jeans that they know they can trust! Welp, for me it's my mom jeans from H&M. I actually where this jeans AAALLLLL the time, when I buy shirts and tops I start thinking of outfits to go with this pants... and you know what? EVERYTHING GOES GREAT WITH THEM.

Not only is it really easy to wear and pair with anything, it's also very flattering. I don't have the biggest butt, but when I wear these jeans it gives the illusion that I do hahaha (maybe that's why I like it)  but I have been in the lookout for other pairs similar to these ones, but sadly I can't find any good ones that meets this. I really want one in black too.

It's also good to invest in a bit of a prices jeans, I got these pants for $55 at H&M and for me that is a hugggeee splurge because my jeans vary from $15-$25. 
After having this pants for almost 2 years now just makes me love it even more because of the fact that they haven't started ripping *cause I wear them all the time*
H&M Denim

Hope you guys liked this post :) xxxx


  1. That looks like a great pair! x

    Happy weekend,

  2. nice pair of jeans

  3. I agree that denim is such an important wardrobe inclusion - in a load of shapes and forms! These jeans sound as though they're served you well :)

  4. Never found a denim on H&M that I liked too much tbh! I should try again!!
    Your blog is so nice!! Followed on Bloglovin!


  5. My favourite pair is from H&M also.You can find great things in there and yours is one of them.!!