Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Losing a friend

to you,

A lot of people say that friends are the family you choose... It's very true, friends become this group of people that you tell your deepest secrets to *they might even be better than diaries*. The crazy thing is, you get so close to them that you even choose them to be the maid of honor/best man at your wedding instead of your sister/brother OR you choose them to be the godparents of your child rather than your siblings or cousins... But the only sad part is unlike a family, sometimes friends drift away and things are never the same. *cries silently in the corner*

What are you suppose to do when you realize that a friendship that you've worked sooo hard on keeping suddenly falls apart? It's like watching the Jenga blocks fall right in front of you but no matter how hard you try to catch the pieces, it's still going to break. BUT the difference between the two is when you build the Jenga blocks, you know it'll collapse in  the end because you're taking important pieces out... But with friendship, sometimes its sudden.

There's many reasons why friends drift away, could be because one of you moved far, one became very busy, orrrr one just suddenly blocks you so "they can grow" *rolls eyes* 
But I've realized that the saddest thing about losing a friend is seeing them again for the first time after months of not talking and realizing that EVERYTHING CHANGED. You would hope that after not seeing each other for months, you'd jump at each other and laugh about the dumb shit that happened in the 3 months that none of y'all didn't talk. Sadly, no words were exchanged- not even a glance or a faint smile. It was like all the silly inside jokes you had before were non existent.

You say that you don't care but somehow that person always manages to come up in every conversation you have with the rest of your friends. Perhaps its the unspoken way of saying, "man I do miss her..."

-your friend


  1. I read your entire post and I can totally relate to that. Actually I am going through a similar thing right now with my best friend. Before this I lost another 2 best friends that I knew for a really long time, I met one of them in primary school, and we've been besties for 7 years and she suddenly stopped talking to me without any reason at all. Wouldn't answer to my phone calls, or texts. It hurt, it was weird, but I got used to it with time. Last year, we started talking again via Facebook, but things weren't the same before. We met a couple of times, we talk every now and then, but it's not the same thing anymore. We are distant, she has her own life, I have my own. Made a new best friend and slowly got replaced. As you've said we should always put family on the first place because they will never let us go. They will always be there for us. Investing in people and losing them is really hard and it hurts like fuck, but stuff like that happens and it's unexpected.

    I really hope you will get better with time, and I have to say that I am sorry for your loss. x

    Have a nice week ahead,

    1. Thank you so much, your comment is wonderful. It's sad to know we share the same experience but at the same time kind of nice because its part of life and a bittersweet journey.
      :) xx

  2. What a beautiful and well-written post. I really hope you cheer up soon and find a way to divert yourself. May you meet some amazing people in future. xo