Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Three Lipstick Must Haves This Fall

I don't know about you guys but Fall/Autumn is my absolute favorite season, the beautiful and different color leaves start to fall *leaves shower?* the air gets a little bit more crispier which lets us all bring out the knit sweaters and comfy blankets, and OF COURSE change our makeup routine- my most favorite, lipstick routine. Temporarily put away the coral pinks and give way to lip colors that makes you seem like you just drank one liter of Red Wine *uuhhh teeth stain NOT included* 
So without further a due, here is my top THREE fall lipstick must haves!

MAC Lipstick, Sin (matte)
This color is super dark, it is a bit tricky to wear because it is very bold. When you wear this lip color make sure the rest of your makeup is subtle, when I wear it it tends to be my "wow" factor because it is such a bold color. This is also a very Matte color, so before applying make sure to apply a lip balm before hand so it can go on smoothly.

Wet and Wild, Cinnamon Spice (matte)
This shade is 2 shades lighter than "Sin" but its just as beautiful. I absolutely love this lip color during the Fall season, I love pairing this lipstick when I'm wearing a copper color eye shadow and a winged liner, super pretty! I even wear this lipstick when I have no makeup on, it just makes me look alive and put together.

Loreal, Nature's Blush
This is the most subtle shade out of the three shades we have in this list. If you can't already tell, this lipstick is my favorite to use. The color is great with many different skin tone, my friends and I share it *I know its not very hygienic* and it looks good on their skin tone just as well as it works for me. This lipstick is the non matte lipstick in this list, it is a bit shiny so just blot it before heading out the door.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post :)


  1. Love this post! I can't wait for autumn either to crack out all the purple lipsticks and jumpers! I bought Mac's Sin last year but I lost it on a night out (GRR) so I went for Antique Velvet which is a really nice browny purple shade.


    1. Yes! We actually had the same experience, I thought I lost my lipstick during a night out but it was just under my bed haha. :) xx

  2. This post reminded me that I need to pick up Sin! It's such a gorgeous shade x

  3. Ive been looking for a new autumn lipstick and Macs sin looks stunning so I might have to try that one out!!

    1. definitely try it out! Totally worth it :) xx

  4. Hey! Love autumn shades so much and been looking forward all year to crack out the purpley toned lippys! My favourite is Antique Velvet by Mac which is a matte browny/purple colour. I think Sin is next on my to buy list..
    Lovely post!

    Rach X