Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas gift ideas for Him

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Hello everyone, I realized that I have been posting lots of things about Christmas and I decided to post Christmas gift ideas for the gentlemen. I'm pretty sure you girls have men in your life that you would like to give a gift to this holiday. Or there are guys reading this who want to buy some for themselves or their significant other :). All the items are from Bonobos (

1: I just love this "Panta Claus" pants, I don't know if its the name that got me or the colors! Its both cute. I think a man who would buy this has to be bold enough to wear it, it is a great piece. I already see my friend wearing this actually!
2: Cardigan "Cortina Cardigan" I love men in cardigans. They just have this nice polished finished look that it gives them and more guys need to wear cardigans! If I had a boyfriend for I would totally buy them this cardigan, and its the perfect color for the holidays!
3: Wallet/Credit card case. Men don't really carry much around with them, they usually just carry money and cards in their pockets. This would be a great gift, simple, yet thoughtful!
4: Another cardigan "The livingstone cardigan" I cannot stress enough about cardigans. I can say compare to the other cardigan this is my fave, its the design that got me and the collar it has. It gives off that preppy/business man look.
5: Handkerchief "The Herald square" great colors and design, love the polka dots! It doesn't even have to be for the men, it can also be the ladies *I know I wouldn't mind* It comes in lots of different colors so there's many to choose from.
6: Carryall "Billykirk" This is such a nice color, again it can be gifted towards the ladies as well due to the color. This is a great holiday present, especially if you have lots of vacation coming up and its a great use!

I hope you guys like all of these gift ideas for the guys.
If you liked and or interested to know more about these things just visit Bonobos' site for more.
Heres the link to their holiday collection.


  1. Beautiful! Love those pants!

  2. These are great gift ideas! I got my boyfriend Beats by Dre headphones this year, which was a big splurge for me!


  3. I never know what present I should buy, so complicated! ahaha
    oh and i'm already following you, you asked me if I wanted to do it, but well.. I did it like a month ago :b

    xoxo, Inês

  4. I was so stumped on what to get my boyfriend this year! I've gotten him such unique things every year and couldn't find a way to out-do myself. I settled on some cute clothes for him, haha. Great suggestions in your post! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

  5. Great ideas for Christmas gifts! I like it! kisses

  6. i agree with #3, men love sleek simple wallets!