Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day

Pajamas: Victoria's Secret 
Socks: Bath & Body

Hello everyone! Today is a snow day and so I have no school!! *does cartwheels* Just when I said in my last post that the weather here is bipolar, going from 60s and down to 20s in a whole week. It definitely lived up to it because now its snowing! The snow started Sunday morning, it wasn't severe for our school to close down for Monday (just a 2 hour delay) but today it is expected to snow until 2pm *started 6am* with a total of 6 inches of snow.

Since I will be stuck here at home the whole day, I will be listening to Christmas songs, which I have actually been doing since December 1st. The Christmas songs that I love listening to in from the Glee holiday compilation, Kurt&Blaine's "Baby its cold outside" is my favorite! Aside from Glee, I also love Michael Buble's Holiday songs! This snow day definitely completes the Christmas season. I just hope its a White Christmas this year :) 


  1. love the pictures. :)

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  2. lovely photos :) its snowing here too but i have to go out so i can't stick around in bed :(


  3. The first photo is so pretty.

  4. so lucky!! i've never seen snow :(

    xo, Inês

  5. Nice photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Great post! and lovely photos! I wish it snowed where I live :)

    Wonderer of E