Friday, December 27, 2013

December favorites

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Hello everyone its time for yet another monthly favorites! Time really does pass veryyy quickly! Lets get started, these are a lot so try to keep up.

When winter time comes, I feel like its the perfect time for candles because it just adds that festive feeling and its cold out so when I see a candle lit up, it makes me feel warm????? 

Nails: I have been loooving these 2 colors, the mint green and the sky blue. The colors really remind me of winter, the cool color. I think cause mint is so minty? *THAT MADE NO SENSE, maybe I should stop*
Concealer: I don't wear lots of make up because I break out very easily. But, I just had to go and look for a concealer because senior year has been kicking butt! I have been sooo stressed with essays and exams every week, studying and all that jazz equals eye bags!! So, to hide it, CONCEALER. I have been using maybelline fit me concealer #20, I really like how it blends in so easily with my skin.
Lipstick:  I love lipstick and when I buy them, I usually go for a colored one. But, this time I went for a nudey color. You can barely see this when I wear it, so when I wear it, I wear it lipgloss and it really is nice.
Face Wipes: I sometime get really lazzzyyy to was my face *I know horrible* and so I just whip these babies on my face and it does the job. I really like this Biore face wipes because it does seem like my face gets cleaned when I use it.

Pants: When winter time rolls around, I go towards the dark side so my Black Jeans/Pants are a must! I have honestly only worn my black pants all December! And you can never ever go wrong.
Boots: These boots I bought early December and I've been wearing it A LOT! I get so much complements on them *Thats why I wear them* AND ITS FROM TARGET! Eeverytime I tell people that they get surprised because it looks pricey.

Juicy Couture: "Peace, love, and Juicy" I've had this for a while now, I'm not the best at describing perfume scents so im not even going to try! It just smells really good!
Burberry: This is the Burberry Brit Sheer!

Tv show
ALMOST HUMAN!!! You do not know how happy and excited I was when I heard that Michael Ealy was starring in another show! I loved him in Common Law as Travis and I was sooo mad when they cancelled the show! But, now he's on another Cop show, BUT! This time he's a robot, but not just any robot "a robot that was made to be as human as possible" *que sexy robot music* And Karl Urban isn't so bad in the sexy human department, he does have synthetic leg! BOTH  men are gorgeous!

Danielle Bernstein is my hero when it comes to street style. I just love how she pairs things and her coats are on point! 

Hope you guys liked this post! :) xx


  1. Great post! I'll definitely check the TV show :)
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  2. I love reading Danielle's blog! Love that green Topshop polish too x

  3. nice collection.