Saturday, January 11, 2014

Style up your uniform!

Hello everyone! I wanted to show you guys the ways I style my uniform, and maybe give you guys an idea as well.

Untitled #185

My uniform consist of a Yellow polo shirt and Khaki pants. *blahh* Uniforms can be boring if you don't get creative.
1. Oversized knit sweater is a must for me! I feel like it gives so much to the look.
2. Scarves, I have soo many scarves its crazy. I don't think I've ever gone to school without a scarf when Winter time came. I think its a great statement piece because it comes in many sizes and colors.
3. Boots, like I said in my last post, boots have been my favorite thing to wear this Winter. They are warm and very very stylish.
4. LIPSTICK! Whenever I wear a popping colored lipstick, I feel so pretty. It just adds more color and doesn't make you look dull.
5.  Of course the hair! I like to curl my hair *like the picture shown above* I have many ways I do my hair, but loose curls is my fave. 

Hope you guys liked this post :) xx


  1. Like a lot the you style. Does not look like an uniform...

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