Friday, February 7, 2014

Why I can't wait for Spring!

Hello everyone! As the days pass on we get closer and closer to SPRING! I cannot wait for spring, the spring clothes and rearranging the closet *oh fun*. The only thing I am not looking forward for in Spring is the rainy weather :P that's the only down side to Spring. But anyways, the reason why I cannot wait for Spring is because of all the clothes that I can't wait to wear and of course show all of you guys. 
Here are some of the few things I can't wait to wear :) 

Untitled #190

1: Pinafores. Like I said in my last post about styling Pinafores, Danielle Bernstein and Alexa Chung was the one that made me really into them. Aside from the two lovely ladies great influence, the whole appearance of it makes it look soo cool. Also the way it can be paired with anything and can be worn on different occasions is great.
2: Overalls. Just like Pinafores, Danielle Bernstein was a great reason why I got into these. I had a really bad relationship with overalls when I was younger, lets just say it made me have an accident..... Since then I never wore them, but times changed! But when it comes to overalls I have not bought any Denim overalls because I am not to sure how I will look... 
3: Wide leg pants. I love the whole 70s look it gives, I'm for anything retro. I really would like to pair this with white chucks and just a cute long sleeved shirt or a crop top. I feel like the top should be simple since there's already so much going on in the legs.
4: Harem Pants. They are soo comfortable! I totally adore these, I have 2 pairs as of now but I am trying  to get more and more of different colors as well. 
6: D' orsay. I love my D' orsays! I can't wait to wear them, they are the MAIN reason why I cannot wait for Spring. These shoes will look good with all the clothes I have listed above.
7: Strap sandals. Sandals are always a must, but strap sandals has become so big that you just have to buy one. They make my feet look pretty *not like it isn't already* 

I just realized that I skipped 5 and jumped t 6, sorry!

I hope you guys like this :) xx


  1. Lovee spring can't wait to!

    XX Nora /

  2. Nice!!! Love the two Shoes


  3. Love this pants :))
    Welcome to my blog:))