Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Pants: Forever 21
Combat boots: Pacsun
Necklace: Old Navy

Hello everyone! These pictures were taken when I was out with my 2 friends, Christy and Jasmine. We had such a blast, ate lunch and got Ritas! YAY! We spent that whole day just snapping pictures and it was really fun *might post some of the pictures* I absolutely loved my outfit that day and Christy was amazing enough to take a picture of me. 
The outfit was very "Springy" for me because everything was kinda loose fitted and hanging off a bit and I like that look for spring. I also really love the tribal look that my pants has.
Hope you guys liked it :) xx


  1. So cool, black and white one of my favs! The designs on the pants make it look so chic. Check out my outfit inspiration for today :))

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. I am the person who has a million idea and doesn't follow through with most. This was extremely helpful. :))


  2. Sorry for the buttom comment on the prior comment...hehe..I thought I just pasted my blog...not my prior comment. Silly.