Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer go to shoes

Hi everyone! With summer coming to an end and we are soooo close to saying hello to fall (YAY!) I thought why not show you guys what shoes I wore a lot for the summer.
I really hope you guys like this!

Nike Air Max Theas
I wore lots of running shoes and sneakers this summer than I actually thought I would. I was always into looking girly for summer, but this summer I blended girliness with sporty. It was totally awesome!

You can never go wrong with a pair of white converse. It just adds such a great look to the whole outfit which is why I wore them so much this summer. My latest obsession have been running shoes, though I didn't quite use these shoes for running, mainly walking.lol.  

I know in my previous blog post I said that I wouldn't buy Birkenstock because I was scared that  it
would make my feet look big and ugly. But I  couldn't help it, it looks so pretty and I found myself ordering a pair online! They do not make my feet big or ugly, if anything it actually makes it look prettier. haha. And they are soooo comfortable! It's totally a must buy!

Old Navy Sandals
Sandals are a go to for summer, summer is not summer without a pair of sandals! These 2 were my absolute favorite for the summer because they are just so cute, and they were very easy to pair with clothes.

Primadona Sandals (Philippines brand)
I really stuck with solid colors for the summer, they were just really easy to pair with anything. Also sandals are also great pairs with rompers, which I also wore a lot of this summer... But that's a whole other post ;) 


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    1. You should totally invest in one! It'll be worth it! :) xx

  2. I love the CONVERSE :) Kisses from France, Sand.

  3. Great picks! There's nothing better than a pair of good old converse! :)
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