Thursday, July 30, 2015

Style Inspiration 2015

Hello everyone! I know it has been a very long time since I have posted and I am sorry! I'm really going to start posting more often, even if it's not outfit posts. For example, today! 
One of my most viewed posts was the Style Inspiration post that I did a year ago. So today I decided to do a new one because it has been a year since I last did one and lets face it, people's style do change and mine definitely did... I think. But this time instead of famous celebrities, I'm going to share with you certain pages from the web that has many outfits from different people; Tumblr and Instagram


Courtesy of  Messy and Classy

This blog is absolutely my go to! This was the blog that got me to really try out a new style. I became obsessed with boyfriend jeans and mom jeans and this blog has sooo much posts on that, it helps girls like myself get ideas on how to style something very tricky. Also, this blog is all about being fashionable while being comfy. The ultimate reason why I started following it on the first place, I started college last year and I wanna look good while being comfortable.

Courtesy of OOTD Magazine; Ivona Tederska
This Instagram page has many different kind of styles, preppy, girly, grungy, sporty, blah, blah, and blah! And this is also great because I do not have a signature look! Whatever my mood that day is that's what i'll wear! Yes even lazy sweat pants day, they have an outfit choice for that!

Courtesy of OOTDMagazine

Courtesy of Brandy Melville USA
This Instagram page was #1 go to for summer, it was very simple. A T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers! It was great for the summer because during summer time, this page also got me into overalls. They're my total faves now! 

I have definitely seen a change in my style, before I was very girly and wore lots of sandals and flats. Now I'm more open to wear sneakers. I stopped thinking that something may not look good on me; for example high waisted mom jeans, instead I sucked it up and I think I look good! 


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  2. Amazing inspiration! Love the all black outfit! ♥

  3. "Messy and Classy" is my favorite look.Those Birkenstocks just really complete the whole look. All of these picks are great though!

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