Monday, November 14, 2016

A good day in

I am a homebody type person, a hermit, a turtle!! I like to be inside rather than go out and party. I find chilling at home to be the best thing in the world, some people hate being inside the whole day and feel the need to be outside and do something//that is not a bad thing at all! People are different and that's awesome! But for me, a perfect day consists of staying in bed, tucked in my favorite duvet cover, and having nothing in my head to ruin the day.
Since I haven't had one of those is a really long time due to my crazy work and school schedule, it would be nice to write about it and somehow relive it hahaha. Sooo sit back, relax, and continue reading about what a perfect day in consists of for me.


Pillows and Duvet
I have a twin bed and it is very easy to feel "cozy" on my bed because it can get warm after you pack on the duvet cover and pillows. You can't expect to have perfect day in without a comfy bed *though sometimes people chill on their couch* 

Closed blinds
When I stay inside the whole day I DO NOT like for the sunlight to get in my room whatsoever, i'd like that to stay out, please! I just find a dimmed room to feel warmer and cozy

Pack on the snacks if you may, chips, ice cream, soda, cookie, chocolates! I don't like to leave my room when I'm having a cozy day in at home, so therefore I like to keep a stash of food next to my bed so I can just reach out for it. 

Netflix and ViKi
I can be on Netflix all day watching romcoms (the cheesier the better) and terribly acted horror movies. If nothing on Netflix tickles my fancy, I go on over to Viki and watch the latest Korean Dramas I have missed out on (Gong Yoo? Lee Min Ho? Ju In Sung?) Nothing better than binge watching 16 episode dramas the whole day!

Whats your ideal good day in?


  1. We're obviously the same person because it felt like I had written this post, this is exactly my perfect day. Add in a cinnamon bun somewhere and you've got me down pat.

    1. hahaha, I hhave actually kind of noticed that too in your blog because we approach certain things very similarly..

  2. I also like it quiet and prefer to stay home rather than going out. You have a very nice blog. :)

  3. i'm definitely an indoor person as well, doing nothing and watching netflix is my fave!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. I spent the whole day indoors relaxing today and binge watching netflix! Haha great post

  5. This was such a lovely post to read through because the cosy Christmas season makes me do most of your points too - especially indulging in sweet treats and sitting in dark rooms (usually with candles) :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  6. Love this! I absolutely love a chilled duvet day binge watching something like the Harry Potters or endless disney films, stuffing myself with junk food! It's the perfect kind of day xxx

    1. Amen!! I can not wait for Christmas break so I can do this everyday! :)