Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stressed and Failing

Helllooo lovely people, it has been a loong time since I have done a blogpost and I'm blaming school for it. I have been super busy with trying to put my grades up and sadly I don't think I am succeeding... I really don't have to make this post but I just wanted to let my readers know where I've been..
This is actually my last week for lectures and next week is all for final exams... So this week is pretty much hell week with studying, writing essays, and sooo much stressing.

This semester has definitely been the craziest semester in the 2 and a half year I've been in college, I have cried sooo much during this semester, like you guys have no idea how I've been wanting this semester to end. It has become sooo bad that I have no ounce of Christmas spirit in me.... I am currently taking 4 classes and 2 of which I am failing, I'm not very happy about that because I do not want to graduate any later than I already have to... I am trying my hardest to pass all 4 of my class but I don't know what else to do...

I didn't want to bore you guys with my current situation because I know there's more serious things out there but for right now, where I am in life, It's the most important and serious thing...

Anyways, I can't wait till this semester is over so I can finally feel Christmasy!!! 

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