Saturday, December 10, 2016

What I Eat In a Day

It's been awhile since I had a really well thought of post and so I decided to show you guys a little glimpse in my everyday life by what I normally eat. I've absolutely been loving "What I Eat In a Day" videos on YouTube and so I decided why not do a post of me going along with the new trend.
I actually tend to cook my own food most of the time because I don't eat pork and a lot of the times my family will cook something with pork in it, so I usually stay away. But when the food is free of pork, i'll usually eat whatever it is. 


I always wake up earlier than I have to (6:30 am) because I'm a morning person, and this works well for me because I have time to make breakfast and lounge around for a bit, also I can take my sweet time before I have to head out for school.
For breakfast I made pancakes topped with homemade strawberry&blueberry syrup and banana, quick note I made the berry syrup myself :) This wass soooo good, and I made the pancakes super thin *yyyuuuum*


Usually I will still be in school during lunch time but today I only had one class and so I had time to go home and make my own lunch. For lunch I made a Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, it was very easy to make. The only thing you had to cook was the chicken.

Chicken Breast
Chopped tomatoes
Cheddar Cheese
Tortilla Chips (I used doritos because I didn't have any tortilla)
Black beans
Sour Cream
Taco Mix (I made it myself because I was too lazy to go to the store)

Sooo sorry I forgot to take a picture of it when everything was mixed together, maybe next time.


Since my breakfast and lunch was pretty big, I wasn't really hungry by dinner time. I just went for a slice of wheat bread and the egg sandwich spread that my mom made the nigh before. I love egg sandwich, I can honestly eat like 3 slices of these. 


I'll usually have a snack when I'm still a little hungry and or when I'm waiting for the food to cook and on this day I made beans. Its soo good and healthy.


  1. Egg sandwiches are my all-time fav. They're just so damn good! Also I'm incredibly jealous that you can wake up early enough to make & eat breakfast before you need to go anywhere... I definitely can't! Haha.

    1. Waking up early is honestly soo awesome because you can become soo much more productive! :)

  2. Ah your breakfast and lunch look so good! Especially those pancakes though, I'm such a sucker for any kind of pancakes (literally any kind).

    1. Oh My God! They were amazing especially the pancakes, i'm on a roll with these pancakes I've been eating them for 3 days straight now lol :)

  3. This all looks so delicious Mitzee. The southwestern chopped chicken salad looks so yum! I also love a good egg sandwich ^__^

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