Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Surprise Picnic

Every girl out there will say that their boyfriend is the best, well.... I'm gonna be one of those girls! My boyfriend and I planned a very chill day where we'd just walk along the lake and go to the movies after, but when we met up he hit me with the, "lets have a picnic!" 
I've always wanted to have a picnic date, BUT I didn't want to be the one to plan it hahaha. I never imposed the duty to my boyfriend by saying "hey you! You better plan a picnic for me and make me feel loved!!" Instead it was just a conversation we had a looooong time ago and somehow he remembered me saying it *he actually listens to me* :)

The day was beautiful, the sky was blue with a little bit of clouds and no one was around (maybe 2-3 people walking by the lake) and the weather was amazing! After months of having rain it finally became sunny outside. 
We ate our food while music played, talked about the future, and my favorite... looked at the clouds and try to see who had the best imagination by seeing what animal the clouds formed.

 $200 date is nothing compared to this simple but meaningful date of ours. 

Thanks for an awesome day babe! :)
i love you


  1. That's so thoughtful, sounds like you two had an amazing time! Personally I love picnics as well, I always want to have picnics but the weather hardly ever suits them!


    1. Picnics are amazing! Such a great time to just relax!

  2. What a lovely gesture. Looks like you had a great time. xoxoxo


  3. Lovely idea for a simple date, its always such a risk in the UK however where rain is basically always a possibility!
    www.fallonrachelle.com x