Thursday, June 9, 2016

Everyday Makeup look

It's so weird to be showing you guys my makeup tutorial because I don't really do much, I just try to look alive. My makeup is very minimal, I don't use foundations because I break out VERY easily and I don't really like the constant feeling of having something on my face... With that said, here is my everyday makeup tutorial.


The first thing I do is apply moisturizer to my face because I just do. I never used to apply moisturizer cause I have very oily skin but I learned that even when you have oily skin, you still gotta moisturize!!!


I then move on to my eyebrows, I like doing my eyebrows first because I LOVE MY EYEBROWS hahaa. I just like taking the most time with my eyebrows and really giving it my 100% attention and time.

First thing I do is comb through my eyebrows and have them all in the direction I went them to be in. All the products I do for my eyebrows are from NYX, they do the job and very affordable.

To fill in my eyebrows I use the jumbo eyebrow pencil in the color "Black" very basic name lol. I find the jumbo ones much easier to use than the thin ones because the jumbo just gives it a very natural look. I also don't fill in much of my eyebrows because I already have thick and black eyebrows, but I have some spars areas that needs filling in. After  I've filled in my eyebrows, I go over it again with my spoolie brush *up on top* just so I don't have any harsh lines.

The last thing I do for my eyebrows is put them in place with the NYX brow mascara, I use this so my eyebrow hairs don't stray.


 I have been loooving this makeup palette from maybelline called "The blushed nudes" I really love the colors in it and it's great for the summer time. But anyways the color I use is the mute pink *I labeled it ME* it's a very natural pink. My eyeshadow does change depending on the occasion *date night*

I apply my eyeshadows with this blending brush from Elf, and I know its meant for blending but I just really like how it applies my makeup.

After that I curl my lashes with my Revlon eyelash curler. Note to you people out there don't buy cheap \eyelash curler, I mean Revlon is drug store product but it's better than a $2 eyelash curler. I did a horrible thing by buying a $2 eyelash curler and it ended up cutting my lashes, so I decided not to be cheap and buy a $10 eyelash curler instead.

Lastly for my eyes, I apply my mascara with my favorite mascara ever! The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, it's a great dupe for Benefit's Better than Sex Mascara. This mascara really lifts your eyebrows and goes through your lashes and gives it that bold lashes look.


Having moisturized lips is very important, so before I apply my lipstick or lipgloss I first apply my lip moisturizer and this one that I use is from Nivea "A kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon" sooo good to the lips, keeps it hydrated throughout the day, all my lipbalms are from Nivea actually. 

 My lipgloss/lipstick of the day varies on my mood and the occasion, but recently I've been using this NYX butter gloss lipgloss called "Madeliene" it's a very natural lipgloss, a mixture of brown and pink together. *I'm horrible at explaining*

That's it, that's my eveyrday makeup look and I hope you guys like it :) 


  1. I really want to try the NYX Brow pencil! I like all of the products you used!


    1. You should definitely buy it, it works well and its affordable! :)

  2. Your everyday makeup look sounds great, I love the Lash Sensational mascara and I actually just tried the Better Than Sex mascara for the first time this morning. I definitely won't be buying cheap eyelash curlers anytime soon either!