Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hard work pays off!

A lot of you know that I am currently studying at a community college and I've been working really hard for 2 years to be accepted in a four year college. My only choice of University is University of Maryland and it has been the University of my choice ever since I was a little kid. During my time in community college, I worked really really hard to getting good grades and having a good enough GPA for UMD to look at and consider me. I had to give up writing on my blog during school season because I wanted to focus on school work. 
Other than going to school, I also had to work part time so I can buy the things I need and pay for the books that was needed for my classes and the rest of the tuition that FAFSA didn't cover. 

College is very stressful and at some point in time I wanted to just give up because going to school and working is not the best combo. Add on the fact that you don't know where you're gonna get the money for next semester or if FAFSA money will be enough to cover for everything. Giving up and looking for a 9-5 job seemed like a reasonable choice at that time because nothing made sense, I was struggling to study and really tried to understand lectures that I could not comprehend. My friends and I would have our daily discussion about how it would be like if we had the same privilege as others. We would see other people from high school who isn't in college but was having a great time and they seemed to be doing just fine... But then we realized that what we want in life is completely different, they have a certain vision in how they see their future and I have a different view for mine. 

Realizing that gave me so much more of a motivation to work harder on my goals, why stop something you already started. I re-evaluated what I wanted for myself, I started to work harder on my studies and finally applied for University of Maryland. After 5 months of waiting to hear from UMD, I finally got the letter  I was waiting for... I was accepted!! 
I was proud of myself, all the late night sleep and stressing over exams paid off! 
I know that I am far from accomplishing my goal but I'm closer to it now than I was yesterday.

I know that when you're trying to accomplish a goal you can get sidetracked because of the things going around you, it's so easy to compare other people achievements and ask yourself why that isn't happening to you. All I have to say is, things take time and if you work hard enough it will happen and trust me it will taste sweet. 



  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing and keep up the fantastic posts!

    xx Ohiamiht Blog

  2. Ah congratulations! That's so brilliant that after all your hard work you got accepted :)

  3. Congrats girl <3 I totally agree!!!

    xo xo

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What an amazing feeling after working so incredibly hard. You deserve it!

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