Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Summer Essentials

It's officially summer *not a fan of Summer though* yikes. Growing up I was never fond of the heat, I don't like the hot sun hitting my back when I'm just merely walking down the drive way to get the mail OR getting in  my car and being burnt by the piece of metal on the seat belt, the leather steering wheel, and being consumed by the trapped heat inside the car *sorry my Summer lovers*.  Anyways I don't hate Summer that much that I don't have anything I enjoy about it, there are some perks of Summer. Like, sleeping in, no school, being with friends & family, and making many memories. With that said I want to share with you the 5 things that I think one should have during the summer. 

1. Sunscreen

I think know that this is the most important essential for the Summer time. The sun is burning and quite frankly that's the only thing you want burning, I'm all for being tanned for the Summer but baby you don't want to get Skin Cancer. I didn't really start using Sunscreen on a daily basis until I started driving because of the direct sunlight on my arms and legs when I drive, it literally felt like my skin was burning, I don't know if this is just part of my imagination but it made my left arm seem dryer compared to my right arm and because of that I started to use sunscreen.

I use 3 different kinds of sunscreen as shown up above, for my face I use Neutrogena *SPF 30* Clear Face. I find that this is the sunscreen that works perfectly for my face because it doesn't make me breakout. For my body I use Hawaiian Tropic *SPF 30* Sheer Touch. This is great because sunscreens usually have that certain smell that isn't very good but this one smells amazing, and it kinda has little sparkles when the sun hits the area where it was applied. The last sunscreen I have is my Neutrogena *SPF 45* Ultra Sheer Dry  Touch, I usually only use this when I know I will be spending a lot of time in the sun and will need more protection since it has a much higher SPF.

2. Body Mist

I love my perfumes but during the Summer time I ditch them and go for the body mists (except for special occasions i.e. date night and family parties). Body mists are just so much better for the Summer time, they don't leave you feeling sticky after sweating and it isn't too strong.

I have 2 favorite body mists but right now I only know where one of them is, which is the Sweet Peony Dream from Bath and Body works. It smells like flowers and it just makes me feel really fresh. The other mist I like is called Beautiful Day by Bath and Body works *its not photographed* it was my scent for Summer 2015, I literally lived in that smell. Everytime I used it I get so many compliments and also when I start to get hot and or sweat, the smell of the mist comes out more which is a good thing.

3. Deodorant 

Some people think that perfume and body mists are enough to conceal body odor.... NO!!!! It is not! Please, purchase a beautiful and great smelling friend Deo! Please. 
You know with all the heat and sweating the pits will be crying and you'll need to help them out so they don't cry and scream all over the place. 

I use the Secret Deodorant Clear Gel in Ooh-la-la Lavender, I use the gel version of their deodorant because it doesn't leave those white marks. I felt really uncomfortable lifting my arms when I wasn't using the gel deodorant so I started using this instead and I've been using it for 4 years now, and it's 24 hours protection so that's nice.

4. Shoes

Everyone needs the perfect footwear that will be a staple for their Summer outfits. The perfect shoes is important because it has to get you through the day without breaking and also keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day of exploring. I love dressing up and the statement "shoes can make or break your outfit" totally speaks to me, so I choose the shoes that I know will look good for majority of my Summer outfits. 

My Summer shoes is definitely my Espadrilles from Soludos, they are so comfortable and very very cute. I got the off white color cause' I knew that they'd match everything I pair with them.

5. Shorts

I love showing legs *that should be the quote to explain me hahaha.* I like letting my legs breath when the Summer time comes and just let them play. Not everyone is a fan of skirts or dresses and that's totally okay! Just go buy yourself a nice pair of shorts that you'd feel the most comfortable in and will make you feel good.

My favorite shorts are these shorts from Forever 21, they're honestly my favorite shorts that I own. This shorts is the one I always look for when I go out, I just feel really cute and made up when I wear them. I think it's the distressed look it has that makes it seem like you really thought of your outfit. 

So that's my 5 Summer Essential and I hope you guys liked it.
:) xx


  1. Aww, I'm in love with the sneakers, so kawaii!

    The Flower Duet

  2. I'm the biggest fan of shorts! When it's summer I literally live in my shorts, probably because I don't wear dresses or skirts either...

  3. Perfect summer essentials! And definitely can't forget that sun screen :)

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