Monday, January 2, 2017

Three Things I Realized in 2016

It's a new year and its a great time to look back on the things that happened in 2016 that made me realize some sh*t! 
I feel like every year there are situations or people that will make you understand and realize why things are the way they are.

Don't let yourself down too much...
This is a hard lesson that I never quite understood, people always say, "don't be too hard on yourself... It's not good" and I never really understood why they said that, I guess for me it's a way to not put my hopes up and just expect the worst. A great example of this is  when I decided to change colleges and transfer to a big university *my dream university actually* and for the 5 months that I waited for the letter to come to the mail, I always told people that I was sure I wouldn't get in because I don't have what it takes to get in. Little did I know that after 5 months of waiting, I would be opening an acceptance letter. That was when I realized that I could do it, I was able to get in to my dream school and I wasn't so much of a "loser" to not be able to get in. I guess what I'm trying to say here is, don't put yourself down just because you're unsure of what the outcome will be...

Sometimes people drift away...
This is quite sad, in 2016 one of my best friends drifted apart from me. It was truly hard breaking because she and I were super close, we literally made each other cry laughing by just looking at one another.  Sometimes you have no control on what people want and what they think will be best for them, and all you can do is hope that that they get to where they want to go.

It's good to try new things...
I was always the type of person to not want to try new things because I'm scared of what I would look or what it would do to me. I mean I still kind of am but there has been little things that I have absolutely tried in 2016. For example, I died my hair a dirty blonde!!! BLONDE!!! I've had black hair since I was born and I was always so afraid to try a different color because I was sooo scared that i'd look ugly, then I realized eehh so what I can always dye it back. I know that is like 0 in the adventurous scale  but for me its a 8.5!

What about you guys what have you guys realized in 2016?


  1. It's alwayysss good to try new things in my experience - especially as I'm in my early twenties! Totally get you on the drifting away one... I totally struggle with it and don't like letting people go.


  2. I've had black hair since I was born too and I'm also terrified to dye my hair!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. I'm not sure if with your first point you meant don't put (instead of let) yourself down too much?

    Either way I completely agree. Something big for me that I want to take into 2017 is more confidence in myself and my abilities, I think I can't do so many things when in reality I probably can...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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