Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top outfit posts

Since in my last post I had my favorite items in my closet, so for today's post I wanted to post my favorite outfit post since I started my blog. Also, I noticed that my right leg sticks out a lot, not just in these 4 pictures but in all of my posts! haha.

1: The very first ever outfit post that I ever posted! I love this outfit, everything actually. I love how I combined everything and they all worked well together. I was kinda scared that denim on denim wont work && add the crazy blazer and stockings, I wasn't sure if it will work. But, it did!

2: This outfit was very simple, its so laid back. If The jacket was not a part of this outfit, the whole look will be so dull. This is those situations where its proven that certain pieces make an outfit! Sometimes it can be shoes, necklaces, purse, etc.

3: Again another laid back look. I love the comfyness. Comfyness is the key to a great style! I think that for someone to truly have a great fashion sense, they should find clothes that they really feel comfortable in and can move around in. It isn't just about looking good, its also about feeling good.

4: Last! This is the recent outfit post I did. This look was inspired by Kelly Kapowski. Like I mentioned in the post, I have always adored her clothes and finally finding the pieces that looks similar to what she would wear was awesome! Also I love the late 80s early 90s style, they look so girly and colorful! 


  1. cute looks

  2. #4! :)

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  4. Lovely!
    At first, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment!
    And now, I must to talk that the outfit numer 3 is fantastic!!! I love it <3 The rest of them too, but the best is the number 3 for me!
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  5. I tend to pose the same way too and always tilt my head the same direction! haha. Your high-waisted, distressed shorts are still a favorite of mine!


  6. Cute outfits, nice post

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  9. You are just so cute. #4 is my favorite!

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  10. You have a wonderful blog, dear! That's why I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hope you take part! :)

  11. Cute outfits :) Number 3 is my favourite :)

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  12. super tolle Outfits :) Die nummer 3 ist wirklich super :)

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  13. You look cute! :) lovely style!
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