Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wardrobe/Accessories Favorites!

Today, I decided to share to you guys my favorite things in my closet. I thought it would be a nice way of you guys learning more stuff about me. How? I don't know really know. But, here they are anyway!

This is my very first ever oxfords!I have about 4 oxfords and these are my absolute favorite pair. They are from Forever 21. I just love how they look, the faux leather and the denim touch is just great! I can always wear them with anything and make an outfit stylish. I can wear shorts with T and put these on and the whole outfit will look put together! 

This is my all time favorite purse!! Longchamp bags comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium, and Large. This purse is the large one. I don't really know what color this is, its like a bluish gray. I love that it holds everything, it isn't a hassle to carry around, AND its waterproof! BUT! It only has one pocket, the tiny pocket that you see up in the picture and everything else is open space,
I looove this jeans! They are from Express.The color is gorg! Every time I have those days where I just do not have a clue what to wear, I go for these jeans! They just go soo well with many different colors (black, brown, denim, white)
Now, this sweater. Its from Forever 21. I have had this sweater since I was in 8th grade and I'm a senior now! Its just so cute and comfy! I love the flower in the front. And it just flatters me, I don't know how but it just does.
I love love love watches! I never leave the house without them! This watch is a actually a new purchase from Target! If I would have to buy any accessories for the rest of my life, they would totally be watches! They are definitely my staple piece! I don't need many bracelets arms as long as I have my watch, I'm set! They make you look so sophisticated.


  1. The watch looks so expensive so its a huge shock that you got it from Target! I need to pay more attention to Target's accessories section <3

    xoxo -B ♡

  2. Great pieces.. love the oxfords-they are so cool!


  3. Nice stuff!

    New post: http://themilkandmint.blogspot.it/2013/06/long-skirt.html

  4. That IS a very cute sweater! Wow you have had it a long time!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  5. totally agree with you about the watches. I always have to wear one, my arm feels naked if I forgot.

    great post.


  6. fabolous pieces dear especially the shoes...
    what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog
    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!

  7. I'm also starting to appreciate watches now. I'm loving the new watch that I bought. I use it everyday. :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)


  8. Love the watch! It's so cute :)



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