Friday, November 15, 2013


Hello Hello! Today is all about my favorite beanies and scarves! I have been loving them for the cold weather, its been really cold lately and they're such a nice statement piece.

First beanie is not mine, its my mom's. *you go mom* I "borrowed" it from her 'cause the color is pretty, maroon is just lovely. I also like the cap effect, I wear it by having the tail *if thats what their called* in the back but I like to wear it the other way around as well once in a while.

My purple beanie! Favorite out of all my beanies! *mainly cause its purple* I bought this at Ross. I like that its big and I have a huge head. hahah! Thats why its my fave! :) Kidding.

This beanie I've had for the longest, 3 years now I believe. I bought it in China town New York. It was really really cold and I chose the wrong day not to have a hat/beanie so I bought one. I would not have bought it if it wasn't for the bow in the side. Its soo cute!

Now to scarves!!!

I have tons of scarves in my closet! But these are the scarves i've been using a lot lately. 
This peachy pink scarf is a birthday gift from my aunt and I absolutely love it! It's just so soft. I really love the fact that its long so I can use it tons of different ways. 

This one is Calvin Klein, its a cream color with gold stripes *ahh so pretty*  Its an infinity scarf or circle scarf for some people. I just love circle scarves cause their usually really chukie, and you can use it as a scarf or as a hat! Like shown in the picture on the right. Sometimes I forget a beanie and it comes in handy!

 Lastly! This scarf is from my cousin *almost all of these are given to me. haha* It's an infinity scarf yet again, AND its huge!!! This scarf is up to my shoulder and I'm 5'2, so that's pretty big! It takes about 4 loops around my neck its really really big and its great for the really really cold weather. I haven't used it this year yet because it hasn't been that cold to need a big scarf as big as this one! 

I hope you guys like this post! 


  1. you're so cute!
    great beanies and scarfs

  2. You are so beautiful and love your cute faces:) my fav ones are scarves!! love your pink one!

  3. ha ha Mitzee, you are so cute.


  4. Beautiful! You have a really nice blog here! I like your posts! :)

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  5. looks like a great,warm and cozy beanie and scarfs!
    and this is such a cool idea for post mitzee!

    anyway, have a great day and new week!

  6. lovely post..

  7. aww i really like warm items and they are all so cute!

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