Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday afternoon

Monday afternoon

Today is the start of my new and improved blog. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and I'm finally doing it.
I feel very relaxed since the did all my chores and errands early in the morning and now I'm just doing me. I'm glad I don't have work but I'm not so sure if I'm happy or mad because my pay check will not be looking so sexy...  But at least I have time to blog! :) 

What am I reading now? At this very moment like now now? Well, I'm reading this survey thing. But, if you're asking about books wise, I have 3 books that's currently on my bed side table (Paper Towns, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and GREY) but I'm not reading any of them at the moment. Instead, I'm reading books from an app called Wattpad, right now I'm reading a book called Hustle. 
I'm thinking about the days that yet has to come. I'm very excited because I can finally see a certain someone who I've missed very very much but I feel nervous because I have to be with that someone's family with someone not being there.
The smell of nothing... Or is it that my nose is just used to the smell, I don't know.
Wishing for time to go by faster, missing someone terribly...
Hoping that everything will be okay and that everything I am doing now will pay off in the coming days, months, and years.  
A gray Nike shirt and pajama shorts.
Loving the feeling of my fresh bed sheets and the fact that I have done all my chores :)
Wanting to lose this 10 pounds that won't go away. lololol. Or do they not want to go away because I'm being so nice by giving my body sweets.... hhmmm.
To my Pandora station. Currently listening to "Square one" by Coldplay.
Content. I don't have everything, but I have enough. 

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