Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How do you know you love a person?

Ohhh that question. That question has been asked many times in many different occasion- movies, tv series, novels, and real life! Every time that question was asked I never had an answer or if I did it would be from what I heard in a movie- "You know you love someone when you can set them free." Never the same answer twice, it was always changing. 

But today was different. For the first time since I got in a serious relationship, my friend asked me the ultimate question- "How do you know you love a person, how do you know its love and you don't just like that person a lot?" Ummm how do I know? At first I didn't know if my love for my boyfriend was real, do I love him or am I just infatuated? And then one day I was reminiscing on the beginning of our relationship and how everything started. I saw his smile, I heard his laugh, I saw his eyes... That was my answer. I knew for sure that I love him because I would do anything to keep that smile on his face, to hear his laugh over and over again, to see the twinkle in his eyes everyday. 
I looked at my friend and I said, "I knew I loved him when I realized that I'd rather get hurt instead of him. I'd take all his pain so he doesn't have to feel it" It may sound cliche and or you may not agree with me, but for me being in love means being selfless. Everyone has their own definition of love and how to really know when you truly love a person, not everyone's answer will be the same because every relationship is different.

Love doesn't have a time frame to tell you when you have to tell someone you love them or when you should feel it. Sometimes it takes people 5 months to feel that they love the person... sometimes 2 weeks is just enough time. All that matters is that the love you feel for them is genuine and real. And if you feel it, if you know in the bottom of your heart that you're in love, say it. Say it with no hesitation because everyone deserves to hear I love you, especially when it comes from someone special.

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