Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Sunday Currently | 02

I am challenging myself to do "The Sunday Currently" posts EVERY Sunday! Hopefully I can live up to what I just announced ahahaha. Sunday is usually a busy week because of work and school work but lately it seems that Sunday is becoming more of my down days and so I decided to challenge myself in doing a blog post every Sunday.



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham jail, its for my English 102 class and I'm just skimming through it hoping to find more examples and evidence to use for my paper essay.


Aside from my essay, it would be this Sunday Currently!


Fall away by The Fray


I've been thinking a lot about how my life is going at the moment. Lately I've been catching myself thinking about the future lately, too many times actually. I always wonder and question if I'm doing things right and if I'm going in the right direction. (Hopefully)


Mom's cooking :)


Wishing for the best in all aspect of my life: career, school, health, love life, family life, and faith.


Hoping that all I've been working hard for pays off in the coming days, months, year...


Over sized gray t shirt and my old high school gym shorts. hahaha. Still in my sleeping attire.


The fact I'm alive and healthy.


For next Sunday to come quickly (the 18th) I get to see someone :)


Lunch! I am sooo hungry, but the food's not done yet. lol


Hungry. hahaha

Thanks for reading! 

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