Thursday, November 5, 2015

My top Filipino Actors

Hello everyone! Some of you may be very confused and wonder who in the world these men are. Well like it says in the title up above, these sexy men are Filipino Actors. Why am I posting them you may ask? Well these men listed below are my all time favorite actors and I never really ranked them before, so I thought why the hell not do it on here. 
 Lets start! 

6. Albert Martinez

This man never seems to age, he's 54 years old and he can still pass as a 35 year old! 
His versatility as an actor is what made me love him. He's one of those actors that take on roles that really challenges him; comedy, drama, and action. My most favorite movie he ever did was "Pusong  Mamon" where he played a gay man, not everyone in the Philippines would take on a role of a gay man because of the criticism they would get. But because he is so professional, he took on the role. Reason why I love him.

5. Coco Martin

This man has such an angelic face, it's crazy! His story is one of those rags to riches kind of thing. He was a janitor before he became an award winning actor. When Coco cries, you can't help but shed a tear and feel bad for him. His usual genre for his movie/Tv Series are almost always Action-Drama movies, but in real life he's a softy, he does everything for his Grandma and siblings! (He built a 2,000 sq.m. home for his whole family to live in.) He's the kind of guy who doesn't like to get interviewed, not because he's rude or boastful, but because he's a shy guy. Which makes girls (even me) love him even more. Lets just say that he's the kind of guy you bring home to your parents.

4. Ian Veneracion 

This man is another man who does not age, he's 40 years old and still looks dashing! His very cute boy next door look still makes my older (30-35) sisters go crazy. The fact that he slurs his R's is so cute. He was a matinee idol during his time (if it isn't obvious enough) and he still kinda is till this day, he is still given roles that have girls fighting for him. I mean can you blame them?

3. Piolo Pascual

I love you Piolo!!!! If you ask any woman in the Philippines who their showbiz crush is, they'd say, "Papa P!" if not, he'll totally be #3 on their list. (hhaha see what I did there?)
He is the ultimate heartthrob (Brad Pitt of the Philippines). In Philippine showbizness he is known for his eyes and his intense stare, its like he's looking into your soul. I wouldn't know what I'd do if I was given the chance to play the staring game with him, I'd probably die. He's one of those actors that can take a break from showbiz for 5 years and still be the talk of the town. 

 2. Alden Richards

The most in demand star in the Philippines at the moment. Everything he touches turns to gold... Or should I say sells. He is the 1/2 of the Phenomenal loveteam in the Philippines, AlDub. His sweet, loving, understanding, respectful, and of course hot character in Kalyeserye got the girls melting. The fact that he'd do anything for Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) made the ladies today realize just how much the world needs a gentlemen, he made the ladies realize just how much they're worth.
Oh and the fact that his character is not far from his real life self! A total plus!

1. Atom Araullo 

My number 1. My Atom! Out of everyone in this list, he is the only one who is not an actor. Atom is a news castor, he won the hearts of many Filipinas during his live forecast of the Typhoon Yolanda- or Haiyan here in the US. His bravery and kind heart was shown when he risked his life to help the people in need, which led to his popularity.
But I loved this guy even before the Yolanda/Hayain incident. His wit and intelligence made me swoon. If I was a famous actress in the Philippines and I was asked who my ideal man is, it would be Atom. I can just imagine our wedding day and how his vows will make me sob like a baby because I know he'll use moving words to describe his love for me. hahaha.

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