Monday, December 7, 2015

Good Company

I can honestly say that I can count the the people I consider my true friends by hand. And one of them is this girl right here, Chidima. There is never a dull moment with her, she just brightens my day with her laugh and little side comments. I honestly would not know what life would be like without her. She's not a very affectionate person AND I AM, that's the only problem in our friendship, I always want to cuddle up and hug but she does not. But with that aside, she shows her affection by saying "shut up" and then laughing a second after. That's my Chidima. Here's one thing about being her friend... If you are her friend, consider yourself lucky because she doesn't like people. hahahaha.

Knowing Chidima, if she sees this she might not even say "aaawww" hahaa. She'd laugh and say, "you're such a headass!!!!" and that means "Thank you" in Chidima language. 

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