Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to relax

The end of the semester is coming up in just a few weeks and  I know that it's very stressful. It's the week of cramming, studying, and pulling all nighters (if you're into that). As a college student I know exactly how that feels and I'm here to give you guys *unwanted* advice on what to do to distress.
Even though so many things is due, it's still good to take sometime away from the school work and just relax, even just for an hour.

1. Drink tea and read a book.
It doesn't necessarily have to be tea, it can be any type of drink that you love and enjoy. Reading a book while drinking tea is sooo relaxing, sitting in my room with the blinds closed and just sitting in the quiet is always sooo nice and relaxing.

2. Play soothing music.
I do this aaaallll the time when I'm stressed or when have a lot on my mind, I go to Pandora and play my Yiruma station, Yiruma is pianist and that station plays all instrumental songs that is very soothing to the ear.  I also play this music when I'm writing my papers, its like hitting 2 birds with one stone, you get to finish your paper while letting your mind relax.

3. Write
I know this sounds very contradicting with this list, probably wondering why writing is relaxing when you're trying to relax and take a break from essays...... Well by writing I mean writing something you love, I personally love writing stories and writing always makes me escape all my thoughts and it really helps. Blogging also helps a lot.

4. Take a nap.
This one is the one thing that I think everyone does, literally give your brain a break by sleeping. But before sleeping I like being really cozy so I fluff my pillows, double on the blankets, and wear my fuzzy robe,

5. Light a candle and just lay down.
I find being alone in my room and having the lights off with only the the candle as the source of light so good, especially if its a bit chilly and the candle smells lovely.\

I really hope this helped some of you guys. :) xxxxx


  1. I think this is always the time of year that everyone needs a reminder to relax. Great advice!


  2. Whenever I wanted to relax I always used to love to play music, but now I actually love watching different YouTube videos in the background while I'm doing other things. I don't know why but it really relaxes me!


    1. Oh My Gooooddness!! Why did I forget to write that!?!!? hahaha

  3. Totally helpful!!! i like drinking hot vanilla chai tea and listening to podcasts in bed. Relaxes me to the core