Sunday, September 13, 2015

When will it be my time?

Lately I've been feeling very doubtful about my career choice. 
I've been asking myself if I made the right choice to go against my mom's will for me to be in the medical field. In the Asian community it is very common for someone to be in the medical field, law, engineering, and or the last resort... Teaching.
In my mom's eyes going to school to be in the entertainment business is not a great career path. It doesn't guarantee me a spot in that career, unlike in the careers listed up above ^ they guarantee me a job when I get my degree. 
Wait, I haven't even told you guys what my major is, well its Communication in Radio Broadcasting. Yes, your girl wants to be the next Ryan Seacrest! I've always been in love with entertainment, I want to one day be involved in some kind of entertainment program- whether it be in radio, TV, movie, behind the scenes, etc. 

With lots of opinions coming from family members about the major I chose, none of their words really phased me. Instead it made me want to do better and weirdly it made me love my career choice even more. Their words and criticism sparked something in me, it made me want to prove them wrong. I'll show them that I don't have to be a Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer with mansions and 5 different types of cars to be considered "successful" I can be successful by being happy and having a roof over my head.  As long as I'm doing something I love.

But now that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I had a plan, before I graduated high school I made a plan on what I'll do to get where I need to be. Bu being in college just makes me feel like I have failed to accomplish those plans. I have applied for internships but nothing ever comes out of it. I see my former high school batch mate's posts on Instagram or Facebook about their internships and job training, and I can't help but feel like I have failed. I know it's not healthy to compare myself to someone else achievements but that's just how I feel. 
They're working in the field that has something to do in what they want to be in one day. One of them is interning at a VERY well known TV station and I'm just amazed and so proud of him. 
That's the down side in the career path I chose, it's very competitive. I have to work hard for what I want (not saying that doctors and all those other job doesn't need hard work) and just keep trying, then hope that it's finally my time.


  1. I've always been interested in the entertainment industry as well, and I majored in Film and Television at university so I definitely know what you mean about this path being a hard one! I feel the same way as you described too sometimes, but something I like to remind myself is that not a lot of people have the courage to actually pursue a field or career that they like, a lot of people just do things because they think they're supposed to, they're expected to, or they just want stability. I'd say just be proud of yourself for following something you're actually interested in and go from there!

    1. Awww this is really sweet, thank you for the encouragement! :) xx

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